David A. Bierce

Phone: (608) 792-1693
Email: [email protected]

Computer Experience:

Perl, Python, JavaScript, C, SQL, Java, Groovy, Go, Spock, PHP, C++, HTML, JavaScript, Bash, Hack

Apache, CVS, SVN, Git, PostgreSQL, Postfix, NFS, GlusterFS, Ceph, OpenLDAP, Samba, Microsoft Hyper-V, Hyperic, OpenNMS, Nagios, Asterisk, Puppet, Salt, XenServer, Libvirt, CloudStack, OpenStack, OpenSSL, PostgreSQL, mySQL, Asterisk, Apache, openLDAP,Postfix, Samba, QEMU, VMWare, gcc, LaTeX, git, SVN, CVS, Buck

Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, *NIX, TCP/IP networking, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Kerberos, Arduino, AWS, IBM Softlayer, Digital Ocean

I have considerable expertise in Linux, including the design and maintenance of a distribution — Zinux Linux. Zinux is based on the Linux from Scratch project, but has been greatly customized and extended for my own requirements. Most significantly, I have created an automatic build system that makes from-source installation of the entire OS a simple and speedy process. Zinux includes a complete set of standard Linux tools, a variety of Internet and network servers, and even a live CD for easy installation and emergency use.

I have also contributed patches or other code for several open-source projects including Openstack (Python), Apache Cloudstack (Java) and Salt Stack (Python) and several personal side projects including a Bitcoin exchange arbitrage trader (Golang).

Work Experience:
2016-Present Facebook Altoona, Iowa
Data Center Operations Engineer
  • Perform deep dives and analyze complex technical issues within the data center, ranging from automated tooling to hardware failures and network issues.
  • Work with internal hardware teams and vendors to help resolve complex technical issues, maintain high hardware quality levels and influence future design to ensure ease of serviceability.
  • Understand and troubleshoot network, hardware, and Linux OS related issues
  • Help build and maintain automation and tooling for workflow automation and deployment
2015-2016 IBM Des Moines, Iowa
Global Devops Technical Lead for IBM Cloud Builder
I was the technical lead for global Devops tools and automated developer testing for Softlayer cloud products, now called IBM Cloud, including CloudBuilder, IBM Cloud Orchestrator, Urban Code Deploy and other IBM cloud products. I also performed code review for several automation platforms that are written in Python, Groovy, Java and Go. Internally, I promoted and implement the usage of emerging technologies and techniques such as continuous integration, docker and saltstack. My work required broad knowledge of cloud architectures, creating continuous integration pipelines and guide the continuous deployment of new products, features and fixes.
2013-2015 Appcore Des Moines, IA
Product Cloud Architect
Appcore was a successful startup that required extreme overlap into multiple facets of technology.
  • Collaborate to create product road map for Project Atlas, a cloud orchestration platform
  • Lead Architect for implementing baremetal management into software orchestration
  • Develop cloud automation software in Groovy and Python using agile methodologies
  • Create a complete software deployment pipeline driven by Gradle(Groovy) and continuous integration
  • Report bug fixes and patches to open-source projects such as SaltStack(Python), OpenStack(Python) and CloudStack(Java)
  • Provide technical education for storage and networking technologies
  • Support customer using a wide variety of technologies such Gluster, Puppet, Nexenta, CentOS, NFS, iSCSI, XenServer
2008-2013 E-Markets Ames, IA
Developer -- Operations Lead
As the operations lead I championed and directed the fusing of operations and development for our web based ERP ordering platform. Created a unified deployment pipeline in Perl to deploy a wide variety of applications on our platform written in Perl, C#, Java. Managed growth through automation using Salt Stack and Microsoft System Center from a single data center and office to multiple data centers and branch offices located around North America. Scaled and converted all offices and branch offices to a VoiP based on Asterisk. I contributed all of E-Markets web products, DRC, NetPlot, NetOrder and AgU. I designed and coded dozens of customer integration systems in Perl and C#. I also assisted with coding, debugging and testing of the entire product suite.
2002-2011 Cynic by Trade, LLC La Crosse, WI
Vice President
In 2002 I created a computer consulting company to provide comprehensive technology support to small businesses. We provided computer sales and service, server, network, and end-user support, as well as custom programing, integration, and automation services — essentially the same services that an in-house IT and development staff would provide, but without the ongoing expense of full-time employees. I managed the operations of the business as well as managed our full time staff and contractors.
2005-2008 Palisade Systems, Inc. Ames, IA
Software Engineer
As a software engineer for Palisade Systems, I contributed to the company's line of network security products, including ScreenDoor and PacketSure. I designed and coded many parts of the products' configuration and reporting interfaces in C, Perl, PHP, Flash, HTML and SQL, and assisted with testing and debugging of the products as a whole. I also designed and maintained several data tracking and integration systems for Palisade's internal use in manufacturing, marketing and accounting.
Volunteer Experience:
2015-Present Des Moines Charity Hack Des Moines, Iowa
Developer Volunteer
Technology professionals arrive for 48 hours once a year to build and implement tools to make the area's nonprofits operate more effectively so they can continue to focus on doing good.
Employer References:

Nathan Gordon
Director of Technology

Email: [email protected]

Dave Rush
Director, DLP Engineering
Absolute Software formerly Palisade Systems

821 SE Laurie Ct.
Ankeny, Iowa 50021

Phone: (515) 727-0803
Email: [email protected]

Zachary Kotlarek
Software Engineer
F5 Networks

3219 25th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98199-2815

Phone: (866) 863-8801
Email: [email protected]

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